Windows Server Certification

Are you interested in boosting your career or do you have an interest in starting a career as a, security analyst, computer support specialist, network specialist or a network or computer systems administrator you may want to consider getting your Windows Server Certification. A certification will give you the knowledge you need to design, implement, configure and, manage a window’s server installation for your company, business, or organization.

You can get your certification as a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), a Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA), or a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). Getting a certification can help you move forward in your job. A certification will help you to more effectively manage, network, and trouble shoot your company’s computer system.Image result for Windows Server Certification

Microsoft Technology Associate Certification (MTA)

Microsoft Technology Associate Certification is an introductory Microsoft certification.  It is not a prerequisite to the advanced certifications, but it helps you to advance your knowledge in the Information Technology field. The MTA certification options you have to choose from are IT Infrastructure, Database, and Developer.  You only need to pass one exam for this windows server certification. An MTA Certification will help you gain knowledge in the fundamentals of technical concepts, validates your core technological knowledge and enhances your information technology credentials. It is an introduction to Information Technology.

Microsoft Certified Solution Associate Certification (MCSA)

Microsoft Certified Solution Associate Certification is a prerequisite to the expert certifications. This certification help you gain the ability to design and build Microsoft technology solutions. This type of certification will benefit people wanting to enter the Information Technology (IT) field and find entry-level jobs.  This certification usually requires you to pass two or three exams. This is like an IT starter certification and a base for upper level certification. This gives professionals the skills and knowledge they need to work in today’s business environment.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Certification (MCSE)

A Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Certification can greatly benefit employees who work with Microsoft based systems and servers. The certification focuses on the latest technology available. This type of certification and individuals who possess these credentials are in high demand. It gives you the technical skills, expertise, and knowledge to be an expert in your career field. There are different MCSE paths such as Business Intelligences, Desktop Infrastructure, Server Infrastructure, Data Platform, Share Point, etc. MCSE Certification builds off the information learned during the MCSA certification. Four or five exams are required, depending on the concentration you chose, to obtain this windows server certification. Obtaining a MCSE certification will establish you as an expert in your chosen area/areas and Microsoft technologies.

Today’s Business World

When you have a windows server certification, an employer will know that you have the qualifications they need in an employee. With all the technologies and advancements in today’s business world it is important to be computer savvy and technology knowledgeable. Whether you are just entering the business world, looking for your first job, or planning for advancement, MTA, MCSA, and/or MCSE certification would put you a step ahead of your competition. These certifications would give you the knowledge, skills, and expertise you need to be a valued employee in the Information Technology field.

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