What to do when your IPhone 5 is locked?

Every now and then we get to ask ourselves: When will this contract end and when can I use my mobile phone with no network restrictions? The answer to that question is simpler than you could ever imagine! It is right now, as long as you are really up to the challenge.

The SIM lock problem is not a huge problem after all. If I told you that you can deal with it in less than twenty minutes, would you think it credible? If you don’t believe me just check out the reviews of the Unlock iPhone 5 Tools and see for yourselves.

It sounds unbelievable I know, but so far each and every one person who has downloaded and applied the magic of the Unlock iPhone 5 Tools on their IPhone 5 has confirmed the above stated- an unlocked IPhone 5 handset in under twenty minutes. The actual unlock doesn’t last for more than ten minutes, the rest of the time is the time you spend on downloading and installing which in reality is even less than that.3

The hard-to-believe attitude towards a revolutionary SIM unlock tools like this one is quite understandable. So far, the SIM unlock issue was not tackled at all, so we were all led to believe that the SIM unlock is either impossible, illegal or too expensive to even consider it. But, what if I told you that none of those fears are grounded, none of that is true. The SIM unlock, especially to the IPhone 5 devices with the Unlock iPhone 5 Tools, is fast, cheap, easy and legal.

You may not have known this but there is nothing wrong in trying to unlock your mobile phone handset. After all, you paid for it, and it is in your possession now. You can still keep the contract with the mobile network operator and pay the monthly invoices for the services that they provide, but that doesn’t mean that you must use your IPhone 5 on their terms only. You will continue to keep your part of the deal with the carrier but at the same time you will have the right to choose what SIM card you will use.

So, as you can reason for yourselves you are doing nothing against the law, the only thing your doing is in your benefit but at the same time you are doing any harm to no one.

What is a SIM unlock code?

The SIM unlock code is the code that can make the SIM lock go away. It is a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and in some cases characters. This code is generated by the software that mobile network operators have and is applied to your device to make it locked. The Unlock iPhone 5 Tools works in a similar fashion to the software of the mobile network operator and thus can generate the same unlock code as they did. You only need to provide the information that the carrier had in hand when they generated the SIM lock code in the first place. Some of the details that you need to provide can be irrelevant and not obligatory, but some are of extreme importance. The most valuable piece of information that you need to provide is the IMEI code of your SIM lock IPhone 5. Find this code by dialing *#60* and then write it on some piece of paper. You will also have to know in what country was the IPhone 5 originally bought and what is the carrier that it came from.

Knowing and providing these details into the Unlock iPhone 5 Tools will make the SIM unlock activity as easy as pie. These are the details that will bring your own SIM unlock code to you and the entire deal will end without spending a penny off your bank account. That is right! You read well, the Unlock iPhone 5 Tools is free for now and you can have your IPhone 5 mobile phone unlocked in a short while and with no money spent. Just imagine how much mobile phone service shops charge for this operation. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for all those IPhone 5 users who didn’t know about the Unlock iPhone 5 Tools solution and had to pay for the unlock which could have otherwise be done for free.

Briefly, the SIM unlock procedure looks like this:

  • Download and install the Unlock iPhone 5 Tools.
  • Insert the IMEI code, the country, the carrier and your email address in the fields labeled respectively.
  • Click on the GENERATE option.
  • Check your email.
  • Get the free unlock code from there.
  • Insert it in your IPhone 5 SIM locked handset and turn it into IPhone 5 SIM unlocked.


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