The Ultimate Team: Designers and Web Developers

This is perhaps the most generic concept of team work: Web designers and web developers go together.

However, many at times, these individuals are working in isolation even if they are on the same project. Ironic, isn’t it?

The nature of work for a designer is quite different than that of a web developer, which confuses many that they should be working separately. A designer is responsible for creating various elements, infusing color palettes, typography and everything that looks great on the outside. Developer takes over for the coding and prepares the material that has to be published on the web.

If you look closer at the brief job descriptions mentioned above, they are closely associated. This is why both working together can bring along cohesion within a project, without any discord.

To further solidify the proof of harmonious relationship between the two, here are some pros defined by web design Dubai based agency that you need to look into:

  •         Completeness

When designers and developers work in a team, their ideas are also merged together for a better version of the final product. They understand together what the project is supposed to be in an effort to foster focus on mission and goals of the overall design project.

From the look to interactions to a contemporary experience, there is a completeness in the project when they work together. All that the designers need to do is to explain the design theory in a very simplistic manner to aid the developers in understanding the aesthetics of the design. On their part, the developers should usually acquire some knowledge of the design theory, like color and type. It will help to sync things better.

  •         A second pair of eyes

Since both of them work in continuation of each other’s tasks and have dependencies, they are somewhat familiar of the nature of work for each other. This creates dependencies and that means that both the parties will be held responsible for the final product.

Therefore, they keep a keen eye on the overall project to the extent that they become a second pair of eyes that look around for everything. From flaws or mistakes, overall flow or anything, they both have each other’s back.

  •         Enhanced creativity

The overall design will be a lot of more creative if both designers and developers work in coordination with each other as a team. There will be brainstorming sessions that will be helpful for everyone in the loop.

Every design requires creativity and sometimes it can come from various different groups. Working in close coordination can let the creativity flow around a lot more easily. A developer knows how things settle in the background and so can guide the designer to pull it off more effectively. Knowing that very background, a designer in return can create an even better masterpiece upfront. It will make things easier for both the parties to actually communicate their ideas easily, hence making implementation even more easier. The result will be fruitful for both the web design company Dubai based as well as the client: win-win!=

  •         Cohesive finished product

Since everything is well-versed, all the ideas are afloat and taken care of with great coordination in check, the finished product is more cohesive than ever. All the parts are right where they belong and interactions fit the aesthetics so well that they just belong to each other – such is the magic of this dream team of designers and web developers.

As both of them are on their way to reach the cohesion, developers also learn something about the way how design elements work, while designers get a little insight on the development part. This means that they are also enriching their knowledge on the related subjects that may come in handy as an individual in their careers.

Mutual skills that can prove to be beneficial

Although the team of web designers and developers together is one of the best in town but if they could pay heed to developing a few skills, they could prove to be beneficial for themselves and everyone else in the loop. Less time would be consumed in explaining in a great detail about any aspect if both web professionals can speak the language of each other.

So what are those common aspects that both need to understand well?

Here are a few elements that both the parties need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of:

  •         Basic design principles should be known. These include color psychology, space and typography, at the very least.
  •         Knowing about optimal image formats alongside sizing can also benefit greatly.
  •         Having a fair understanding on the basics of HTML and CSS could also help.
  •         If both the parties know about the usage of web fonts, it would save a lot of time in finalizing the final design.
  •         Client needs are there in the client brief but both designers and developers need to do their homework on the user wants and needs for best results.
  •         Being aware of how grids work, the frameworks that come in handy and knowledge of wireframing can be very beneficial.
  •         Knowing about the latest trends in design and development is perhaps the most important matter that needs to be taken into account by both the parties.

Understand that the final goal for both jobs is to create phenomenal websites. That being said, it is crucial for each of them to work with each other because one (design) is not possible without the other (development). If we are clear on the dependencies, we will have them work together on each of the projects that we have on our plate and upcoming as well – such is their power together!

So if you have designers and developers work closely together on all projects, all the way from the beginning to the end of projects, you will have a fruitful result. Great aesthetics will be supported by a clean user interface and code. There will be less reworks required since the process has been a collaborated effort. It would also prove to be an efficient strategy in terms of saving on time and what could be better than completing a project on deadline and make happy clients?

So go out there, get those two creative heads to work together and make better websites with this ultimate team of web designers and developers!

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