Online Reputation Management:  Security Drone

Drones have become a popular robot for children and adults to play with but online reputation management is aware that there are many other applications for personal drones. This one company call MicroAir have build a drone that can function as a mobile security camera. The basic package you can purchase consists of three main drones and one backup drone, incase something happens to any of the other drones. The drones are connected to an app that can be downloaded on any smart device like a phone or tablet and each drone can be assigned a route to surveil around your home. This battery can never be found in your average drone. Most drones have a battery life of fifteen minutes to forty-five minutes. These drones can last up to a week but the secret is that they have solar panels on the top exterior of the body. This means the only time they run on battery is at night or when it is extremely cloudy. They were made to withstand heavy storms where they detect the wind and then they fly to the roof of the building to latch onto the base where the drone usually goes to charge up if the solar panels were picking up much of the rays. Online reputation management was not worried about promoting this product because many homeowners will love to have added security with a video feed. Also, the video feed is recorded round the clock on cloud servers and the owner can place a setting or manually delete the recordings as they see fit. Another unique feature is that the owner can create their own custom path for the drones to surveil. The application has it’s own path’s to choose from but if you’d like that extra added surveillance, you can draw out a path around your home for the drone to follow.Image result for Security Drone

Online reputation management knew that the best way to promote this product is by showing videos on social media and having a booth at tech shows where they can demonstrate the technology. The drones were such a big hit on Facebook; sales started to increase drastically over just two months. Online reputation management was worried that if would stop selling after the six month mark but they were wrong. The drones started to become very popular and demanded the company to add in extra minor features in upgrades.

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