Loan at zero rate: a boost from certain banks for all first-time buyers!

Very few borrowers know this, but some banks offer zero-interest loans internally for the attention of all first-time buyers. The latest to offer this boost to households buying their first home is Agree Bank. But it is not the first bank to set up this system. Some banks have been offering it for several years. What are these banks? What is the loan amount granted at 0%, over what duration? And under what conditions? The answers of Alex Bouler, Director of Bank Relations at Good Finance.

A good plan for first-time buyers!

A good plan for first-time buyers!

No more strict rules and resource ceilings imposed by the state. Be aware that some banks offer zero-rate loans internally without age or resource conditions, that is to say accessible to ALL first-time buyers.

For example, Agree Bank has just announced that it “supports Ile-de-France residents in their home ownership with an unconditional 0% loan. This additional loan corresponds to a maximum of 10% of the total amount borrowed up to a limit of 30,000 USD.

The offer is valid until December 30, 2017 for the acquisition of new or old housing, with or without work and without location criteria, “announces Agree Bank.

Go through a broker

Go through a broker

A little advice: rather go around the banks around the Hexagon to find out which banks offer this device, go through a broker. All the largest networks have signed partnerships with the banks concerned.

To complete the national PTZ or replace it

To complete the national PTZ… or replace it

In fact, “several banks, in order to attract first-time buyers, a target clientele particularly attractive to banks, with which the entire banking relationship is to be built, have been in place for several years already (at the time of the cancellation zero-interest loans in the former in particular) “local” PTZs, internally, “confirms Alex Bouler, Director of Bank Relations at Good Finance. “These can supplement the national PTZ, or conversely replace it because they are often without means test and can be allocated in the new as in the old. They are envelopes of the order most often 10,000 or 15,000 USD, over periods of 15 to 20 years, ”says Alex Bouler.

Examples of banks?

Examples of banks?

“Crédit Agricole Finistère offers 10,000 USD over 240 months at 0%. But if the customer has a conventional PTZ, the offer cannot be combined.

Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne has set up a PTZ of around 10,000 USD over 180 months.

Credit Maritime offers 10,000 USD over 240 months at 0% ”.

“In the current context of price increases, these PTZs of around 10,000 USD are a little boost for first-time buyers even if that does not significantly reduce the cost of their credit”, tempers Alex Bouler.

Up to 30,000 USD at 0%

Up to 30,000 euros at 0%

Some banks offer PTZs over 10,000 USD. For example, Lite Bank offers a loan of 15,000 USD at 0%.

And the Lite Bank offers a loan of 15,000 USD if the loan is spread over the long term and reaches at least 100,000 USD. For long-term loans over 200,000 USD, it even offers double: a loan of 30,000 USD at zero rate. Which is not negligible. In fact, “being able to benefit from $ 30,000 at 0% for $ 300,000 borrowed over 20 years lowers the total cost by 10%! Or the equivalent of -0.15% on the rate, ”calculates Alex Bouler.

Immo Loan 0%

Immo Loan 0%

Finally, “for Tours and its agglomeration, local banks, offer a complementary loan to the PTZ, called Imm0% loan, at 0% over 15 years for a maximum amount of 40,000 USD (the amount varies depending on the number of people at home). However, “only people who can claim a national PTZ or carrying out insulation work making them gain an energy class can benefit from it,” warns Alex Bouler.

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