Instagram’s Unique Features

When compared to other social media sites, Instagram often stands out because it has a number of features and uses that are unique. While other sites concentrate on making posts and offer paid advertising to get more people to see what you’re putting out there, Instagram is focused on different things. If you haven’t used Instagram before, here are some of the ways it stands out from other social media.

Its Focus

Unlike other social media in which adding images to a post is optional, on Instagram the picture is the post. In fact, you don’t have to add anything else to it. The image is everything. What this means is that Instagram isn’t about sharing your thoughts or starting discussions with others. Instead, it’s about showing your followers a visual. The text description and everything else is secondary.

It’s Mobile-Based

Unlike most other social media sites, Instagram is very limited on anything but its mobile app. You can log into your account on a PC or laptop, but you can’t post images. The site is designed to be used on the go with your smartphone or tablet. In some ways, it’s designed to be much more spontaneous than other social media sites.

You very rarely see long descriptions or comments on any post because of this. People do add comments, of course, but they are mostly kept as short as possible due to the limited size of the comment area. Long comments require users to scroll, and many prefer not to do that.

Likes Are Important

Likes are perhaps more important on Instagram than comments. You’ll probably notice that many more people like a post than comment on it. Likes help other Instagram users get recognised and followed, which is why many people like every post that they see. While that’s not necessarily required, it can help make you more visible.

When someone likes an Instagram image, his or her username shows up as liking the post. The few most recent likes are shown on the post itself, which means other users see those names and visit their profiles. Having a large number of likes also helps boost the number of people who will share your images. This is why many businesses buy Instagram likes, especially when they have just created a profile on the site and want to build up their likes and followers.


It’s Creative

Unlike other social media sites, Instagram really does foster creativity. If your images are rather plain and boring, they’re not going to get as much attention as those that are creative and unique. You do have to think about the angle, the lighting, and the background of an image before you post it, especially if you’re posting images of products. This is why many large businesses have professional photographers taking pictures for their Instagram accounts.

But you don’t have to hire a pro to get great images. Most smartphones have high-quality cameras now. With a little bit of training and practice, you can take great images, use Instagram’s filters to clean them up, and publish pictures that your followers will love.

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