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The installment loan with fixed interest is a loan with which the interest is fixed throughout the term. Fixed interest rates are standard for today’s consumer loans. The interest rate is given in percent. Criticism at

The annual percentage rate is the size that makes installment loans from different providers comparable. In addition to the interest that must be paid on the borrowed money, the effective interest rate also includes other fees, such as the processing fees that can be charged by the banks for a loan. The lower the percentage, the cheaper the loan is for the customer.

Installment loan with fixed interest in terms of creditworthiness

Installment loan with fixed interest in terms of creditworthiness

However, for many consumers, installment loans, where interest is not dependent on creditworthiness, are called fixed-rate installment loans. It would be correct to have credit with interest independent of creditworthiness, because there are fixed interest rates for both loan options over the entire term.

Comparison of credit-dependent and credit-independent interest

Comparison of credit-dependent and credit-independent interest

The installment loan with fixed interest – i.e. with interest independent of creditworthiness – has the advantage for borrowers that they can immediately see how high the interest rate that the bank will charge for the loan. Banks that offer the fixed-rate installment loan link the amount of the interest rate, if any, to the amount of the loan amount and the desired loan term. As a loan seeker, you can calculate in advance what the costs of the loan are.

However, the situation is very different for loan offers with interest rates dependent on creditworthiness. The banks advertise here with a low interest rate, which in reality, however, only very few borrowers are granted. The actual annual percentage rate is determined individually based on the creditworthiness of each individual borrower.

If you want to apply for an installment loan with interest rates dependent on creditworthiness, you should always get a personal loan offer in advance, because only then will you find out how high the interest will really be. When comparing loans, consumers find a bit of an orientation on the actual level of interest when they look at the representative example that banks have had to publish in parallel with the low interest rates advertised since the introduction of the new consumer credit directive in June 2010. The interest rate that two thirds of all borrowers have to pay is then specified here.

Always make a loan comparison

Always make a loan comparison

If a credit comparison is now made, this difference must be taken into account, because otherwise you compare completely different offers that are actually not comparable and ultimately work with incorrect information that leads to the wrong decision.

The installment loan with fixed interest in the sense of interest independent of creditworthiness always does not look so cheap in the credit comparison at first glance. For this reason, the loan offers of banks that work with fixed interest offers do not appear in the top places in the credit comparison.

But an installment loan with a fixed interest rate of 7.90 percent can be cheaper than the loan offer of another bank that advertises with low interest rates depending on the credit rating, but where the loan ultimately costs the customer 8.90 percent. It is only through a qualified comparison of the different offers that it is possible to get a precise overview. For borrowers with a rather average credit rating, an installment loan with fixed interest rates is usually cheaper than an installment loan with interest rates dependent on creditworthiness, because the personal interest rate will then often be above average.

Why are these differences made at all?

Why are these differences made at all?

Banks hedge their own risk through interest rates by assessing the risk of customers defaulting. Banks that offer fixed-rate installment loans spread the risk equally among all borrowers. The professor pays the same interest as the nurse. It is very different for loans with interest rates dependent on creditworthiness. The personal credit risk of the borrower counts for the amount of the interest rate, so that a professor can assume that he will get his loan on better terms than the nurse.

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Apply for mini credit Sun, 29 Mar 2020 17:43:00 +0000

You can apply for a loan. completely so that you can get your mini loan as soon as possible. If you want to apply for a mini loan, you can benefit from the simple application process.

Credit application 

Credit application 

In this case I would like to apply for a loan. I am here to apply to apply for a loan. If you have purchased a vehicle from eBay Motors, you can apply for a loan through the eBay Finance Center. Now that you have purchased a car on eBay engines, you can apply for a carte, through the eBay Financing Center.

This is particularly serious, because it is the people with the worst financial terms who apply for loans when buying them. On the way, she was on the way to applying for a loan so that she could keep the company she had always hated. The way was clear for her to secure a loan, so they the business can keep, which they had always hated.

When Gerry and I went to a house bank to apply for a loan, I was a little excited. Isn’t it very easy to have your credit card to apply for a UK bank card credit card? The is not very easy to apply for your credit card for the credit card of a Chinese banks? In the EU, several thousand people – the elderly and other population groups – are disadvantaged every day, be it in the use of health, education or transport services, in taking out insurance or in applying for credit.

Millions of people are discriminated in the European Union every day – older humans as well as another group -, if she tries to receive access to healths-, education- and transport services, to take out insurances or to apply for a credit. That is why we apply for loans for investments that require more money.

If this money is well invested and possibly profitable, it is definitely worthwhile to make money with it. This warm and invigorating inclusion with Fine Bank to apply for a second loan of FZFA 300,000,000 ($ 4,500). That warm and reassuring welcome, located in the heart of MicroCred, prompted Néné to apply for a second loan for TCFA 3,000,000,000 ($ 4,500).

It has been common practice in Ireland for some credit institutions to offer loans of up to $ 1000 that could be requested via SMS and given through the same channels. Belarus recently announced that it intends to apply for a USD 3.5-8 billion loan from the World Monetary Fund to help alleviate the financial market crisis.

To get a loan, the consumer must submit their claim by sending an email message

To get a loan, the consumer must submit their claim by sending an email message

Many people are in a hopeless situation with over-indebtedness and trying to stay afloat by applying for new loans in the form of quick loans.

For many people, debt is a temporary situation, and she tries to bridge it with new loans from fast credit companies. Within two working days after receipt of the confirmations and information in accordance with subsection 3 subsection. 2 A credit-mediating security system can apply to the EBA to be released from the payment obligation.

In two working days behind receipt of the confirmation and the information referred to in the paragraph 3, underabsatz 2, each of the lending Deposit Guarantee Schemes may be required to EBA, they may be exempted from the obligation to pay the loan. The CFDT plans to borrow at least $ 50 million from the credit institutions and to apply for another EUR 80 million from the local authorities in order to be prepared for a possible new crisis situation.

The CFDT facility received from the banks a secured loan of at least $ 50m and applied to the regional and local authorities for an additional loan of $ 80m to which the regional and local authorities are about to experience a new crisis.

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Credit hours – How to handle financial difficulties properly! Fri, 28 Feb 2020 18:01:52 +0000

Credit hours: yes or no? When does it make sense to pause the loan and when should alternative solutions be sought?

An unfavorable development of the personal life situation can lead to the restriction of one’s own financial possibilities such as:

  • Job loss,
  • Illness,
  • the sudden need for care of a family member,
  • a divorce or
  • in the worst case, the death of a relative is a drastic experience.

They are also associated with negative financial consequences. A rethink in business can solve first problems. However, economy in everyday life is often not enough to do everyone financially fair. This applies in particular to existing installment payments or loans to be paid off. In order to avoid permanent debts from the outset, it is necessary to act immediately. At the beginning of possible payment difficulties, it is advisable to hold an existing loan. Under no circumstances, however, should those affected suspend a loan installment without first talking to the creditor. The lender may offer the opportunity to pause the loan.


What is a credit deferral?

credit deferral?

Borrowers who find themselves in a financial shortage in the short term may have the opportunity to pause a loan. The payment dates for the receivable or the installments are postponed. The feasibility of the claim is still maintained. To put it simply, lenders and borrowers agree to pause the loan for a short time. As a result of the deferral, the debtor can suspend the credit installment. In principle, however, it is not possible to set up a loan at your own discretion. Both parties must always agree to the deferral. In the course of the temporary break, a debt change agreement is concluded so that the lender is also legally secured.


When is a credit deferral useful?

credit deferral useful?

There is no doubt that it makes no sense to take out a loan in order to use the “saved” money for holiday financing. The credit deferral should only be used as a restructuring measure. This means that loan breaks are useful for short-term payment difficulties, for example due to a loss of job. In general, however, it is important to consider whether a goal is in sight at all. If it is clear from the outset that the loan cannot be paid in six months, a year or more, other alternatives may be more effective. This is the case, for example, if an occupational disability has occurred. Even after divorces or a job loss with poor prospects on the job market, the deferral may be helpful at first, but not optimal in the long run.


Loan hours and suspend credit installments – how it works properly

credit installments - how it works properly

  1. If there is a need to pause a loan, the lender is the first point of contact.
  2. Make an appointment with your bank or savings bank and play with open cards from the start. Take with you to your appointment all documents that can be helpful to you in some way and that show your current situation.
  3. It is also recommended to provide evidence that clearly shows that you will be able to pay again in the foreseeable future. Clarify your lender in detail about your situation and ask him to defer the loan. You should not suspend your loan installment until you have given your consent.
  4. If an agreement with your contact person is not possible, we recommend going to a debt counseling service. If necessary, the staff there can help you to contact the lender again in order to pause the loan. A third outside opinion can sometimes work little miracles.


Are there any costs if you pause a loan?

Are there any costs if you pause a loan?

Before you take out your loan, however, you should be aware that a break may involve additional costs and fees. However, the amount of the resulting fees cannot be fixed as a lump sum. The additional costs depend on various factors, such as the credit institution. If the possibility of a deferral is already set out in the loan agreement, there should also be further information.


Debt restructuring instead of deferral

Debt restructuring instead of deferral

In the example cases already mentioned, as well as in many other situations, there are different alternatives. Debt restructuring is a particularly popular alternative. With the help of debt restructuring, existing loans can be completely repaid. Lower rates can be agreed directly for the debt rescheduling loan, which can lead to significant financial relief. Debt restructuring with a focus on cost reduction can also be carried out. Debt rescheduling loans are often associated with lower interest rates and better conditions.

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Guide: What are the fees for a credit card? Sat, 22 Feb 2020 01:21:39 +0000 There are essentially two types of fees for credit cards, namely the annual fees on the one hand and the transaction costs or the “operating fees” on the other.

Any further debit interest should be taken into account if the cardholder uses a granted credit limit and the credit card account is at least temporarily in the red. In addition, other fees may apply, which the issuer only charges for the additional services requested by the customer.


Annual fees

credit cards

The annual fee is calculated by many credit card issuers, regardless of the card usage. The cardholder then pays a fixed fee of, for example, 30 dollars a year. However, there are currently more and more banks that – at least for certain credit card variants – are waiving the annual fees. This is often the case with student credit cards, standard credit cards and prepaid credit cards, for example. With premium credit cards, however, the additional services usually charge a slightly higher annual fee, which can range up to more than 100 dollars.


Cash disposal fee

The transaction fees for credit cards include the fees that are calculated when cash is dispensed at an ATM. In Germany and often in all other countries that have the euro as their legal currency, there is usually no fee for cash withdrawals. The situation is different for orders in foreign currency. Here, the banks usually charge fees ranging between 1-3 percent of the sales amount. Often there is also a minimum fee per cash disposition of between 5-10 dollars.


Foreign assignment fee

Cash disposal fee

The foreign transaction fee is a fee that is usually only charged if the cardholder pays cashlessly in a foreign currency or equips himself with a foreign currency at an ATM abroad. Here too it depends on the respective credit card issuer how high the fees are. Depending on the amount ordered, the fees usually range between 5-15 dollars.


Other credit card fees

In addition to the aforementioned fees, there may be additional fees for additional services that the cardholder would like to use. This may include the following fees, for example:

  • for a replacement card
  • for partner card
  • for a desired motif
  • Top up the prepaid credit card
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How to use an online credit comparison tool to get the maximum benefits? Sat, 08 Feb 2020 18:01:56 +0000

Fast, efficient and reliable, the online comparison makes it possible to quickly find a loan corresponding to its search criteria without having to run the banks. Imagine situations in which you need to find funding as soon as possible. These are the cases of a hospitalization, an express sale of automobiles or household appliances. In such cases, waiting periods observed by the banks do not help.
But thanks to the credit comparator, it is possible to subscribe an online credit quickly and without having to make tedious steps.

Use an online credit comparison tool: for what good reasons?

Use an online credit comparison tool: for what good reasons?

This tool saves time and efficiency. In addition, before making a decision and finalizing its choice, tools are made available to the individual to evaluate and compare loan offers. For this purpose, it is possible to simulate a loan by entering the desired criteria, namely the duration of the repayment and the amount of the loan. Several proposals will come out of the result of this study. It only remains to choose the loan proposal at the lowest rate.

Moreover, the free credit comparator and its discretion are also part of the great benefits of online loan simulation.

How to use the credit comparator online?

How to use the credit comparator online?

The online credit comparator can be used for several purposes. It can be used as a forecast, ie to forecast future investments and find the best financing scheme. This tool also allows you to reconcile loan offers from various financial institutions that meet its search criteria.

For example, it shows which bank offers a consumer credit at a rate of less than 3%. In addition, the online real estate loan comparator also facilitates the financial evaluation of its project, in particular to forecast the charges generated by the loan or to estimate whether the project is feasible given the borrower’s level of indebtedness. . All this is possible thanks to the instantaneous calculations of the debt capacity, the APR of a loan (annual percentage rate of charge) or the monthly payments.

Whatever the need for information, the principle of using the credit comparator online is the same: it is necessary to enter the data concerning its financial situation, fulfill the search criteria and start the simulation.

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Loan at zero rate: a boost from certain banks for all first-time buyers! Fri, 07 Feb 2020 01:30:05 +0000

Very few borrowers know this, but some banks offer zero-interest loans internally for the attention of all first-time buyers. The latest to offer this boost to households buying their first home is Agree Bank. But it is not the first bank to set up this system. Some banks have been offering it for several years. What are these banks? What is the loan amount granted at 0%, over what duration? And under what conditions? The answers of Alex Bouler, Director of Bank Relations at Good Finance.

A good plan for first-time buyers!

A good plan for first-time buyers!

No more strict rules and resource ceilings imposed by the state. Be aware that some banks offer zero-rate loans internally without age or resource conditions, that is to say accessible to ALL first-time buyers.

For example, Agree Bank has just announced that it “supports Ile-de-France residents in their home ownership with an unconditional 0% loan. This additional loan corresponds to a maximum of 10% of the total amount borrowed up to a limit of 30,000 USD.

The offer is valid until December 30, 2017 for the acquisition of new or old housing, with or without work and without location criteria, “announces Agree Bank.

Go through a broker

Go through a broker

A little advice: rather go around the banks around the Hexagon to find out which banks offer this device, go through a broker. All the largest networks have signed partnerships with the banks concerned.

To complete the national PTZ or replace it

To complete the national PTZ… or replace it

In fact, “several banks, in order to attract first-time buyers, a target clientele particularly attractive to banks, with which the entire banking relationship is to be built, have been in place for several years already (at the time of the cancellation zero-interest loans in the former in particular) “local” PTZs, internally, “confirms Alex Bouler, Director of Bank Relations at Good Finance. “These can supplement the national PTZ, or conversely replace it because they are often without means test and can be allocated in the new as in the old. They are envelopes of the order most often 10,000 or 15,000 USD, over periods of 15 to 20 years, ”says Alex Bouler.

Examples of banks?

Examples of banks?

“Crédit Agricole Finistère offers 10,000 USD over 240 months at 0%. But if the customer has a conventional PTZ, the offer cannot be combined.

Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne has set up a PTZ of around 10,000 USD over 180 months.

Credit Maritime offers 10,000 USD over 240 months at 0% ”.

“In the current context of price increases, these PTZs of around 10,000 USD are a little boost for first-time buyers even if that does not significantly reduce the cost of their credit”, tempers Alex Bouler.

Up to 30,000 USD at 0%

Up to 30,000 euros at 0%

Some banks offer PTZs over 10,000 USD. For example, Lite Bank offers a loan of 15,000 USD at 0%.

And the Lite Bank offers a loan of 15,000 USD if the loan is spread over the long term and reaches at least 100,000 USD. For long-term loans over 200,000 USD, it even offers double: a loan of 30,000 USD at zero rate. Which is not negligible. In fact, “being able to benefit from $ 30,000 at 0% for $ 300,000 borrowed over 20 years lowers the total cost by 10%! Or the equivalent of -0.15% on the rate, ”calculates Alex Bouler.

Immo Loan 0%

Immo Loan 0%

Finally, “for Tours and its agglomeration, local banks, offer a complementary loan to the PTZ, called Imm0% loan, at 0% over 15 years for a maximum amount of 40,000 USD (the amount varies depending on the number of people at home). However, “only people who can claim a national PTZ or carrying out insulation work making them gain an energy class can benefit from it,” warns Alex Bouler.

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Loan guarantee Requirements, forms & risks of a guarantee Sat, 14 Dec 2019 18:24:32 +0000

It happens quite often that the granting of a loan depends on whether there is a loan guarantee or not. But what does it mean to take out a loan with a guarantor? Can the loan guarantee be canceled – and if so, how does it work? These and other important questions are answered in the following article.


What does loan guarantee actually mean?

What does loan guarantee actually mean?

A credit guarantee is an independent additional agreement in a contract between the lender of a loan and a third party that is selected by the borrower. This third person is the so-called guarantor who makes the loan with guarantors possible in the first place. The guarantor is liable together with the borrower for the timely and full repayment of the loan. This means that the lender has two debtors in a loan guarantee: the borrower himself and the citizen. One of the parties can only be relieved by canceling the loan guarantee.


These are the requirements for a loan with a guarantor

loan requirements

In principle, any private person can become an official guarantor for a loan guarantee. As a rule, private individuals are only used if the sums involved are relatively small. However, it does not depend on the amount of the loan whether a specific guarantor is accepted by the lender, but on whether the citizen has the appropriate financial means and security.

Alternatively, the public sector can also be used as a guarantor. However, this is usually only the case when it comes to a loan for start-ups and the guarantor results from a corresponding funding program. The lender is usually a public law promotional bank that accepts the loan guarantee.

The following framework conditions for the loan guarantee should be fulfilled:

  • Signature and consent of the guarantor, borrower and lender
  • Citizens have enough collateral
  • all participants are of legal age
  • Lender accepts the guarantor
  • Trust relationship between guarantor and borrower


The different forms of loan guarantees

The different forms of loan guarantees

There are various special forms of credit guarantee that have largely replaced the ordinary guarantee contract. This includes the so-called joint and several guarantee and the guarantee on first request. In the first case, the guarantor does not object to the preliminary action. This means that the lender is not obliged to enforce the current debtor first. Instead, the lender can call the guarantor directly if the claims are not settled.

The loan with guarantor on first order makes it possible for the creditor to be able to demand immediate payment from the guarantor. If the contract is valid, the guarantor must pay the amount requested – regardless of whether there are objections or objections.


In these cases, the loan with guarantor is required

loan guarantor is required

A credit guarantee is required in the following special life situations to enable the debtor to obtain a loan:

  • Renting an apartment through students or vocational students
  • Allow taking out a loan despite “creditworthiness”
  • Borrowers have enough of their own funds, but they are not recognized

In the above cases, a loan should only be guaranteed if the guarantor knows about the financial situation of the borrower and there is a corresponding relationship of trust. Often it is relatives or friends where there is already a close relationship.


You should pay attention to this in the guarantee

credit loan

Generally, a loan guarantee entails certain risks. However, these can be minimized with the appropriate measures and some prior knowledge. If, on the other hand, the loan guarantee is prematurely concluded, the existence of both the guarantor and the debtor may be threatened. As a rule, waiving certain rights is accompanied by an increase in risk. Even if the time or financial pressure is high, you should consider carefully whether you agree to a so-called joint and several guarantee. Here you are deprived of any protection in the role of guarantor and you are treated like a second main debtor in an emergency.

You should also try to minimize the contractual risk as much as possible. If the situation permits, you should try to negotiate with the lender regarding various contractual clauses. Here, the definition of a maximum liability amount or a time limit for the guarantor’s liability is appropriate.


Loan guarantees cannot be canceled easily

Loan guarantees cannot be canceled easily

It is not possible to terminate a credit guarantee if the termination is given unilaterally. In general, the loan can only be terminated by a guarantor if it is an immoral guarantee. Otherwise, the guarantee can either be limited in time or financially – however, this should be regulated in advance.

In general, it is highly recommended to get advice from a specialist before signing a contract. The latter can also carry out an adequate risk assessment. Here you can go to a lawyer or to debt counseling. Because you cannot easily get out of an existing contract, specialist knowledge is required.

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Weekend Loan – finance you weekend vacation Thu, 05 Dec 2019 17:50:52 +0000

Weekend loans help the applicant get cash quickly even when bank transactions are not on the weekend. So applicants for a weekend loan can quickly get cash in cash. Weekend loans can be arranged online or by phone.

Online loan immediately on the weekend

Online loan immediately on the weekend

Online fast weekend loans are often used by clients when they need to solve an unexpected problem or pay expenses before payday. The online loan immediately on the weekend can ask every citizen over 18 years old who has permanent residence in the the country and verifiable income. Similar to the weekend loan is also a loan before payout, there is a need to dispose of its own bank account and the client receives only lower amounts.

Smaller amounts can be borrowed, often from USD 1,000 to USD 5,000, sometimes more. Maturity is usually shorter. Weekend loans are currently offered to non-banking companies.

Beware of the usury practices of many non-banking entities, it is always worthwhile to read reviews on unbiased sites.

A quick loan, even over the weekend, is a reliable way to get a loan on weekends or holidays. Although some non-banking organizations offer the first loan without interest. However, they can still charge for settlement fees that are higher on the weekend loan than other non-bank loans.

Non-banking organizations are well aware of the situation some clients are in. Therefore, it is always necessary to read the entire contract and have any irregularities explained.

Terms of fast loan at the weekend

Terms of fast loan at the weekend

Women on maternity leave, retired persons and, in some cases, the unemployed may also apply for a weekend loan. It is not necessary to prove many things for a weekend loan. Some companies require neither proof of income nor extract from the register of debtors. The company can bring the contract home to the applicant or send it by post. Often, the contract is signed using a unique code sent by SMS.

To get a loan at the weekend it is usually necessary to meet the following conditions:

  • citizen
  • over 18 years
  • not to be executed
  • not to have an outstanding loan
  • have all debts paid off

The weekend loan is arranged in the following ways:

  • online requests
  • by phone
  • SMS
  • in person at the branch

Negotiating loans and mortgages with traditional banks at the weekend is problematic. Many banks do not open branches at the weekend. It also takes a long time to evaluate the client’s ability to repay the loan. In addition, banks do not allow money transfer at the weekend, the money comes only during working days. This is an advantage for non-banking companies – money can be paid to a person in cash in the comfort of their home.

Advantages and disadvantages of loans on the weekend immediately

Advantages and disadvantages of loans on the weekend immediately

Small and large amounts can be borrowed. However, the smaller the loan, the less advantageous it is for the client. Unlike micro-loans, a weekend loan is a bit less aggressive for the client. This is due to a longer loan period, which can be for a weekend loan up to several years.

Weekend loan benefits:

  • processing speed
  • comfort and ease of handling
  • elsewhere the loan cannot be obtained
  • You can get the first loan without interest
  • often without documenting income or checking the debtors register

Disadvantages of a weekend loan:

  • very high APR
  • numerous and high fees
  • sometimes predatory practices against defaulters
  • arbitration clause often present

The disadvantage of a quick weekend cash loan is both higher interest rates, APRC, loan extension fees and monthly maturity. The fees may also include a fee for bringing the contract and money or for negotiating. Nowadays, however, there are many companies that offer most of their loans at no cost or minimum cost.

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