It is important for the reputation management company to understand how if one company pollutes the environment too much, it can definitely hurt their reputation, with that being said, everyone agrees that companies must find out how to produce products without compromising the right of future generations to meet their own needs. Protecting natural resources is the right thing to do for any individual and company and it is something that has also become a business necessity. Most company’s customers actually demand that they respect the environment and some consumer’s wont purchase from a company who doesn’t do something to protect the environment or try to at least. The land, air and water all face extreme environmental threats and that is why companies have corporate social responsibilities.Image result for Environmentalism

The land is polluted by the dumping of waste and an increasing reliance on agricultural chemicals and by landfills, shredded by strip mining and are also laid base by deforestation. There is also the problem with the urban sprawl, which has squeezed out wetlands and farmlands and destroyed wildlife habitats. In order to protect the land for future damage, it is important to dispose waste in responsible ways and control strip mining and logging and save open spaces and wetlands. Many companies work to stop deforestation since this has been an ongoing issue for some time now. The emissions of gases and particles from factories, power plants, office buildings, cars, trucks and farms pollute the air and this is where corporations can help out by finding a more green way of conducting their business. Due to the air pollution from many companies, it has cause the greenhouse effect that is producing global warning and slowly destroyed our earth. Oils and chemicals pollute the water the most since some companies are just throwing oil in the oceans, which kills wildlife. The water gets contaminated from fertilizers, pesticides, wastewater, raw sewage and silt. Many company have joined with the government and other nongovernment agencies in order to help people protect and conserve water.

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