Cell Phone Radiation Protection – How you can Do It  

You must have heard the widespread news that mobile radiations are not at all good for health, but do we have any solutions for that? Should we stop using mobile phones? These small gadgets have become technological fixture in our lives and we know that we are not going to have a substitute for them quite soon. Therefore, we can only look for remedies that can keep us at least somewhat safe from the cell phone radiation.

Restrict your use of cell phone

Try restricting your use of cell phone only for urgent calls, and make sure that you keep your calls concise and short. It is important to know that only a two minute while of call may alter your brain’s electrical activity for an hour.

Use text messages whenever possible

Send a text message instead of calling whenever you can. You cannot do it of course, when you are driving a vehicle or doing other chores, but text your family and friends whenever possible.

Buy a phone with low radiation

Even though the effects of radiations are not completely known yet, it is better that you take precautions. If you are planning to buy a new phone, you must buy the one that emits lower levels of radiations.

Talk on a speaker or headset

When you place your phone next to your ear, the temporal lobe of the brain absorbs the electromagnetic waves released by your cell phone. This area of your brain deals with auditory processing, hearing, vision, speech, and formation of memory for long-term. Therefore, it is better that you use a speaker or headset while talking to someone.

Use the cell phone only when you have maximum network reception
Use your phone for calls only when you have optimum network reception, which is near the window or outside the close confinements of home or office. When you use your phone in an elevator, underground station, or basement, your cell phone is forced to use more power and hence, emits as much as 1000 times more radiation. When you see maximum signal bars on the phone, only then should you use your phone for calling.

Do not use the phone in a moving car

Not only in moving cars, you must avoid using the cell phone in all vehicles if you are travelling somewhere. The antenna of the cell phone continuously scans for connection and thus, operates at enhanced signal strength. It causes more radiation emission from the phone.

Avoid using the cell phone in a stationary car

A parked vehicle is just a metallic enclosure, like a switched on microwave oven. The RF radiation from the cell phone is magnified because of the reflection from the metallic structure of the car. Therefore, do not use the mobile phone whenever you are sitting inside a closed stationary car.

Do not sleep with your cell phone by your side

The rule of thumb is that you should never even bring the mobile phone to the bedroom. However, if you cannot do it, just do not sleep with your cell phone when it is turned on. It disturbs your sleeping cycle along with triggering ailments such as heart palpitations, irritation, allergies, daytime irritability, muscle weakness, and pain. Such exposure may also hinder the immune system functioning, lower fabrication of melatonin and several other hormones.


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